A special client

Every so often within our work, we are lucky to meet clients who share our passions.

Armin comes to us five years ago with an unusual request, fully cover his porsche cup with a very original “dress”!p>

We meet with Armin and understand that our client is very open to new ideas and materials.

The first coating makes us sweat, but the sponsor highlight and bright colors are on our side and the racing car gained the cover of the Porsche Sports Cup 2009 yearbook!

After a few months the customer contacts us again “Guys I had an idea: I want to make a Porsche with the webs of Spiderman!”

From this starting point we put down some drafts. The following spring we are ready and the Porsche could change its face again!

Our car once again wins the cover of the Porsche yearbook and our satisfaction increases, also considering Armin’s racing success.

The following season, Armin returns with another crazy idea: “This year I want a snake Porsche !”

By now we know his car and at a good pace we cover it with plastic car wrap, all in snake style, from the spoiler to the bumper …

And behold, another glance eye-catching …

In 2013, our loyal customer gives us the most difficult task, namely “chroming” his Porsche …

The latest generation of adhesive films give us support and the result fills us with pride!

The Letteraf Team cannot wait for the new challenge – see you soon Armin!!

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