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Car Livery Design


We study and create masks for painting suitable for liveries under transparent.

We study the most suitable solution for the requested paint colors (4/5) with a highly accurate system log.
Our materials are resistant to solvents and do not leave glue after their removal.

Our team gives professional advise on design, performance and feasibility, due to our decennial experience within the automotive industry.

Graphic Displays

The visual impact is very important for us, this is why we study graphics and display systems that emphasize company events.
We produce large-scale graphics with various effects that lend privacy and security to your environments.

Pre-spaced adhesives

Letteraf manufactures adhesives for monochrome carved logos, trademarks, texts and numbers through a special transparent film which gives you the opportunity to apply your sticker accurately, while maintaining the spacing of its characters. If requested, our team can apply the pre-spaced adhesives on the requested support of ship it to your office for individual use.

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