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Letteraf has been founded in 1974 by Aldo and Adua Ferrari in Modena.
The name of the company headlines the principal aim of the company, namely the production of adhesive letters, and the initials of the founders.
In the 1970s a strong demand of visual advertising is booming within the territory, Aldo Ferrari began producing adhesive graphics. To do this, he projected slides with the logo of the client company on a enlighted wall , rescaled the dimension required, drawing on the brand on the  back of a sheet of adhesive plastic and then carved by hand with cutter and scissors.

Soon the couple’s children Andrea, Elisabetta and Gabriele and their daughter in law Marcella, enter to join the family business who gave new life and ideas to the company. Andrea introduces computer graphics using cutting-edge methods for the era.
The computer and the plotter allow now to create logos and brands with multiple layers of color and with a greater cutting precision, making projector and die cutting obsolete.
Gabriele is passionate about web graphics and stsrted creating websites in 1990 to showcase the already loyal clients.
Elisabetta specializes in the production of T-Shirts using thermal adhesive and digital printing.

In 2000 Francesco and Cinzia come into the organic dealing with the vehicle decoration and display finishing and stickers.
Letteraf follows for years the automotive and racing industry, being able to count the local leading car makers among its clients. The company implements the digital printing machines that allow to create complex and deep shades with logos printed on vinyl and other advertising media. Letteraf now offers visual graphics solutions with the best equipment and application methods on the market.

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